5 Interesting Facts About Your Thoughts And Beliefs

  1. Every time we have a thought, we make a choice whether we believe the thought is true or not. Once we accept a thought as true, it becomes a belief. Every time we think that thought, we reinforce that belief, which in turn creates our truth and influences our reality. Ultimately, our thoughts create our reality.
  2. The Power Of MindWe are strongly attached to our beliefs, because they support our reality and the way we see and interpret life—our model of the world.

  3. There are only two kinds of beliefs: positive and negative. We have been carrying some of them within us for a lifetime while others are fairly new. Many of the long-time beliefs may not be helpful anymore, or perhaps they never were in first place. Imagine these beliefs and thoughts to be like viruses on a computer that don’t allow the computer to operate successfully

  4. The thoughts you chose in the past formed your current beliefs and, thus, your reality. Believing these thoughts was a choice you made, whether you were aware of it or acknowledged it. The Law of Duality states that for everything that exists, its opposite also exists. Beliefs are not exempt from this law, which means that for every belief you hold, a counter-belief exists. You have the choice to change any of your beliefs.

  5. You have changed your mind and beliefs countless times in the past. Perhaps you changed your mind about a certain purchase, or a restaurant you once liked, but no longer do. Just as you had the right and the choice to change your mind about the tooth fairy, you have the right and the choice to change any of the beliefs that no longer support you. The goal is to change them in ways that support you, your life, your lifestyle, and who you choose to be or become

The thought manifests as the word;
The word manifests as the deed;
The deed develops into habit;
And habit hardens into character;
So watch the thought and its ways with care,
And let it spring from love
Born out of concern for all beings…
As the shadow follows the body,
As we think, so we become.
– Buddha, Dhammapada
Indian philosopher & religious leader (563 BC–483 BC)

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