5 Ways to Improve Your Communication With Anyone

Excellent communication is one of the most important tools a realtor can have. You don’t have to take a communication class to improve them, there are some very simple things that will make a huge difference, and you can implement them right now. The purpose here is that these tools are making the other person FEEL good around and with you. When that happens they are more likely to do business with you.

  1. Proper introductions — If you are inviting someone to an event, and they may not know everyone, it can cause them to feel very uncomfortable. In my home country Austria (remember the one in Europe — no kangaroos, but lots cows,) we say that unless a person is introduced they do not exist. When introducing someone, use the opportunity to make them feel good by saying something nice or interesting about them. For example, “This is my friend Mary. Mary is an amazing jewelry designer,” or “Meet my friend Mark.” Mark and I work out together. He is extremely knowledgeable in food and nutrition.” Not only will Mark and Mary feel special, but it also creates a topic of conversation.
  2. Ask questions — Show interest in the other person and ask them things about themselves. It allows the other person to talk about something they are knowledgeable about, which makes them feel good. Being inquisitive you may learn something about them that can help you later on when doing transactions with them.
  3. Talk less and listen more — Too many people take over conversations and don’t allow others to be part of it. Have you ever had a bad date, where the other person was just going on and one about themselves and never ask you anything? Well I have, and there’s a big chance that we all have. Usually there is no second date, is there?. Don’t do this to potential clients, buyers and sellers, if you want there to be a second “date.”
  4. Repeat what you’ve heard — When you feed back what the other person has told you, it communicates to them on an unconscious level that you are paying attention to them, and that they are important to you. Feeling heard they will open up more to you and your relationship will deepen faster.
  5. Put away your phone and focus on the person — What makes people feel most special is when you make them a priority.  How does it feel when you are telling someone a great story, and they stop you mid sentence because they just got a text message. You immediately feel that you have been moved down to priority #2. Nobody likes to be number two, so don’t do it to others.
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