When Bad Teamwork Happens to Good Companies – How to Communicate Without Stepping on Anyone’s Toes

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Insurance contractAll teams run into communication roadblocks. Adding new members to a team, employees rejecting new ideas, constant negativity, competing agendas, and power struggles are some of the causes of these hurdles.  When not addressed they can turn into costly mistakes, a frustrated team, and loss of productivity.  Ultimately your sales and profits suffer.

Christian Wasinger, an author, speaker, coach and expert on the mind explores different ways to avoid the pitfalls of miscommunication that lead to hurt egos, upset employees and disgruntled clients. In this workshop the Austrian native shares how to remove ones personal emotions and how to communicate effectively across departments, and with clients.

As a former champion ballroom dancer, Christian knows all about the importance of team work. He shares the principles of leading and following in partner dancing and how they translate into building a dream team.

Key Takeaways

  1. Explore how miscommunication and misunderstandings happen in first place and know how to avoid them
  2. Understand how the mind works and receive priceless tools that  improve your team’s communicationChief Mind Officer Motivational speaker
  3. Understand the best ways to debrief others after client meetings
  4. Recognize the three different personality types and know the correct way to communicate that resonates
  5. Master the power of the spoken word. The right choice of words lead to successful projects, deeper connections, and stronger relationships
  6. Communicate clearly and concisely and create greater understanding
  7. Implement more effective ways of email communication
  8. Boost team members comfort level and confidence when addressing other members of the group
  9. Utilize team members’ individual talents toward achieving a common goal
  10. Run more effective outcome-oriented meetings
  11. Communicate without egos or personal agendas getting in the way

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