3 Ways How Being a Competitive Dancer has Helped me in Business

Chief Mind Officer AthleteAs a competitive Ballroom Dancer I have represented my home country Austria in many international dance competitions over the years. Being a competitive athlete has taught me many valuable lessons. Not only did those lesson prove to be helpful in sports, but they have proven to be just as helpful in business. Being a Realtor is not a competitive sport, but it certainly is a competitive industry. So here are my top 3 learning for you, and how you can apply them in you real estate business.

1. Have a Coach — No matter what sport you play, it is a given that if you are
serious about your sport, that you will have a coach. That coach has most likely been in your shoes before and knows what it’s like to be where you are now. He or she knows the sport, the judging system, the politics and everything there is to know about competing. A coach job is to keep you on track, focused and motivated. Most competitive athletes will have not one but several coaches, and very likely also a sports psychologist to help with the mental aspect of competing. You know that to reach the top in any sport you need a coach. So why wouldn’t you have a coach if you wan to reach the top in your business and industry? Someone who knows how to get you where you want to go. I do have at any given point at least two coaches that help me grow my business. Do you currently have a coach? If not, I encourage you to seriously consider having one. Trust me, a great coach is worth the investment.

2463_1093288767040_816_n (1)2. It’s a team effort — As ballroom dancer I of course needed a partner, and we worked as a team, which has taught me a lot about team work. Of course there were the two of us on our team, but there were others working behind the scenes that were also important to our success; coaches, sponsors, dress designers, chiropractors and body workers. They were all a part of our team and part of our successes. We chose our team very carefully and we developed wonderful relationships and alliances with them. As a realtor you too have people on your team. Make sure you chose yours wisely, and that you all work in harmony towards the same goals.

3. Remember your why — There were times when we didn’t place as well as we hoped at competitions. Sometimes we felt frustrated and defeated by the scores and the politics in the dance industry. At those times it was important for us to remember the reasons why we did what we did. We just absolutely loved to dance, the art and expression of it, and how good it felt to move our bodies gracefully across the dance floor. We just had to remember that we danced for ourselves and not for the judges and their scores. The exact same goes for you in business. Always remember why you are realtor and be sure to make your “why” a big one that keeps you going even through challenging times.     

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