7 Fast And Easy Ways to Boost Your Sales

SaleThe most important ingredient in closing any sale is establishing trust and rapport with customers. Every sales text book echoes the refrain “trust is a must” and  “no rapport means no sales,” however no one has dissected or analyzed the step by step formula on how exactly to build rapport; until now!

Christian Wasinger, author, speaker and coach is an expert on the mind and how it generates the behavior patterns that lead to either sales success or failure. In this mind-opening, interactive, training this Austrian native reveals the formula for getting close to your prospects and even closer to your next sale. The former champion ballroom dancer shares how to apply the competitive mindset of an athlete in the world of of sales and his 7 fast and easy ways to boost sales, so your next one is as easy as the electric slide.

Key Takeaways

  1. Discover the most important tool in building rapport, and it is not what you think
  2. Establish trust, be liked and have prospects choose you over your competition
  3. Convert prospects into paying clients using subtle, yet powerful language patterns
  4. Move around networking events gracefully, and making the right connections   
  5. Recognize the three different personality types, and the correct way to communicate that creates trust
  6. Strengthen the bond with your clients weaving the 3 most powerful words and phrases into your conversations
  7. Understand how to read eye pattern movements, their meaning and utilize them, to sell someone successfully
  8. Increase your influence, charisma and charm
  9. Get a YES easily from customers
  10. Leverage non-verbal communication to boost sales

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