5 Easy Ways to Get Out of a “Funk”

Are you ever frustrated as a realtor, because things are just not progressing as quickly as you had hoped, and you are not getting enough listings? We all get into a funk at one point or another when it comes to work. Whether your funk is induced by rejection when prospecting, or by frustration caused by transactions not going the way you hoped they would.

Here are 5 easy ways how you can get out of your “funk” quickly.

1. Motion creates emotion — When we feel stuck in a certain emotional state we are also often physical locked into a certain body position. Get up from your desk, go for a short walk, stretch or put on your favorite beat and start dancing. All of these activities produce endorphins, and endorphins make us happy.

2. Change your self-talk — Every word you speak has an effect on you on an emotional level. Every word causes you to feel something. Start paying attention what kind of words you use when you speak, but also when you think and replace negative with positive language. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination. Whether you think you can or your think you can’t, You are right.

3. Listen to an inspirational talk — Listen to stories that motivate you. Whether it is a TED talk, something you see/hear on social media, or if you read from one of your favorite motivational books, it doesn’t matter. Just do it!

4. Do something for someone else — When we are down, blue or depressed we focus on ourselves and our own circumstances. Volunteer somewhere or do something nice for someone else without expecting anything in return for someone else. Doing that especially for those less fortunate than us, or those who don’t have a voice on their own (like the animals in a shelter,) can be extremely rewarding and can put your challenges in prospective.

5. Give gratitude — When we are in a funk we focus too much on what’s not going right in our lives or the way we want things to go. Start a gratitude journal and write in it everything you are grateful for. Ideally you want to start and end your day with gratitude.

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