How to Master Stress in a Demanding World – 7 Easy Steps That Really WORK

Challenge in businessStress can suck the life out of employees. It kills their motivation and zaps their productivity. If you are ready to reignite your team and reboot motivation, then this talk is for you.

In just 60 mind-opening minutes, Christian Wasinger, an author, speaker, coach and expert on the mind and how it generates the behavior patterns that lead to either success or failure, shares techniques that actually change the way we respond to stress.

In this insightful and inspiring program, Christian shares how to optimize the “real estate between the ears” to control stress, so stress doesn’t control you.

Key Takeaways

  1. Release 3 things and safeguard yourself from stress
  2. Master the techniques that restrain stress for good
  3. Reprogram your mind to control the way you feel about work overload
  4. Build a work environment that keeps you calm and in control
  5. Release emotional “work baggage” and boost productivity
  6. Utilize tools that cause you to feel calm and in control at any given moment

Each attendee receives a free stress-buster recording to restore serenity at work and a night time meditation recording to boost motivation and productivity.

Changing our Perception of Stress Changes the Way we Respond to it.

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