The Rapport Lesson to be Learned From Lady Gaga’s Oscar Performance

To many Lady Gaga’s vocal talents showcased at the 2015 Academy Awards came as a big surprise. Quite frankly I don’t understand what the big deal about her performance was. Yes, it was a great performance, but I expect a great performance like that from anyone who calls him/herself a professional singer and rakes in the amount of money she does.

Why were so many people so pleasantly surprised, and what is the big rapport lesson to be learned from Gaga’s performance?

Style matters! – InitiallyLady-Gaga-Oscar-2015

We all  make up what we believe about people based on several factors. Our first impression is (most of the time) visual. Even before we get to talk with a person, we make something up about them based on what it is they are wearing. We try to put them in a box to know how we should feel about them. We all do it, whether we like to admit it or not. Don’t believe me? Try not to putting a woman wearing a full flowing tie dye skirt, birkenstock shoes, and a head band into a certain category. I believe I have proven my point.

When we try bulding rapport, innitially style matters. Think for a moment what your style is communicating to the others, and if that will help you build rapport and get you closer to people.


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