Are you a Michael Phelps or a Chad Le Clos?

Much has been in the media over the past few days about these two amazing athletes. I also believe a lot of it is mis-interpretation; however lots can be learned from it. Having been a competitive athlete myself I understand  the principles of competition and how they can be applied in business.

Michael Phelps’ “Death Stare”

If you haven’t seen the image of what has been called the death stare CLICK HERE  to view it. Due to copyright reasons I can only link to it and not post it on my website.
The media Michael’s calls “death stare” a response to his competitor Chad Le Clos. I believe it is Michael’s way of getting focused and in mental state. At this point of a competition an athlete’s  mind is solely focused on one thing and one thing only, the competition/performance that’s right ahead. Many athletes use visualization techniques to get into state; meaning the run a mental rehearsal of their perfect competition/performance.
How this applies to you: You can apply the same technique in your business life. Whether it is a presentation, a phone call or important task. Run a mental rehearsal with the outcome you desire.
The media interprets Chad Le Clos’ “dance and kick routine” as a technique to distract his main competitor. You can view the video here. That could be true, but on this level of competition, I am pretty sure that Chad Le Clos  is also focused on getting himself into the mental state for competition. There are different ways to do that. Phelps sits quietly, Le Clos uses movement t “pump himself up”. They are two different techniques that can be equally powerful. Notice how both wear ear bud/headsets. This is to tune out all the outside stimuli and distraction. Most likely they are listening to music that gets them into the best mental state to compete, perhaps even self-hypnosis recordings to help them with their performance.  Each athlete has their own routine.
How this applies to you: Do you have a routine that gets you in the best mental state for business? If not it’s time to get one. An easy one can be listening to music that “pumps you up.”
The moment Chad Le Clod looked at Michael Phelps – the picture that has been going around the world. CLICK HERE to see it. I am not a professional swimmer, but I understand that there would be no reason for Le Clod to turn his head to the left during a butterfly stroke. It appears that he was focused for a moment on his competition, while Phelps focused on just competing and ultimately won.
How this applies to you: Stop comparing yourself to others, and concerning yourself with your competition. Focus on doing things your way to the best  you know, and you will be a winner too. Keep your eye on the prize/goal and move towards it.
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