The 2 Strategies That Motivate ALL Buyers And Sellers

All transactions with buyers and sellers are motivated and caused by two strategies. Either a strategy to move away or move towards something. Even the decisions we make in our personal lives are motivated by one of these strategies; to move away (avoid) pain or to move towards (experience) pleasure.

Here are some examples how move away and move towards strategies work in the real estate world.

1. Move Away Strategy

  • A seller may be motivated to sell, so she can move out of the neighborhood she currently lives in.
  • A seller may no longer want to be reminded of certain memories the house brings up after a separation or spouse passed away.
  • A buyer may be motivated to purchase a home to get away from his room mates or living with his parents.
  • A buyer may sell a home because he no longer wants to have the hassle of dealing with renters.

If someone is motivated by a move away strategy, point out all the pain they are currently experiencing because of their situation. The more pain they experience, the faster they will act on signing you on as their realtor, or listen to you to list their property at the price you suggest.

2. Move Towards Strategy

  • seller may be motivated to sell so he can move into a bigger place.
  • seller may be motivated by using/investing the money from the sale of the property in a new venture (move towards.)
  • A buyer can be motivated by the idea of moving towards establishing a new life with a partner or spouse.
  • buyer could be motivated by having the space she needs to start working from home and spend more time with her children.

Real Estate Training in San DiegoIf someone is motivated by a move towards strategy, vividly paint their future in their imagination and point out all the benefits they will experience once they have bought/sold a property.

To find out which strategy a person uses simply listen to the answers they give you when asking them why they want to buy/sell. It is crucial that you pay close attention to what kind of language or words they choose.

If you are not sure which strategy your client is more motivated by, then utilize both of them and observe which one they resonate more with.

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section.

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