The NLP Strategy Trump uses to Boost his Impact and Influence

When presenting or speaking in public there are five different, and very effective ways, to communicate to the collective subconscious of an audience. These five ways or categories are brought to us by Virginia Satir, founder of family therapy and systemic therapy, who is one of the people the science of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)was modeled after.

The five “Satir Categories” consist of: Republican U.S. presidential nominee Trump speaks as Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Clinton listens during their presidential town hall debate in St. Louis

  1. Blamer
  2. Placater
  3. Computer
  4. Distracter
  5. Leveler

Mr. Trump uses one of them in a masterful way; the blamer. I will let you decide how well he has been using the blamer throughout his campaign to increase impact and influence.

Here are some of the characteristics of the Blamer: 

  • The blamer points out problems or issues that the other person has. This communicates on a subconscious way ‘you’re in trouble’.
  • A blamer’s behavior pattern is to finds fault.
  • The blamer takes responsibility from self, and puts it on someone or something else.
  • The Blamer hides a feeling of alienation and loneliness behind a tough and complacent mask.
  • Blamers are more likely to initiate conflict.
  • Blamers only recognize their own view, and the context of a situation, and don’t respect the other persons view.
  • Blamers say no regardless of what they really feel or want (it’s the principle!).
  • A blamer tends to disagree and highlight important points.
  • Blamers find faults with everything you do or say.
  • A blamer plays the game of “if it weren’t for you”.
  • Getting obedience makes them feel powerful and effective.
  • The blamer stance appears to be harsh, and is used to make firm points when giving a speech, and to elicit guilt.
  • They use generalizations to distract and cast blame on someone.
  • They use pointing gestures.

Virginia Satir suggested that 30% of people will typically use the Satir Categories’ Blamer attitude. An outstanding public speaker will skillfully use ALL five Satir Categories throughout a presentation in a skilled and purposeful way, to positively impact and audience and communicate more effectively.

Christian Wasinger is a NLP Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, bestselling author, speaker and coach. Working with companies and their sales teams he provides coaching and trainings that boost impact, influence and sales. Utilizing tools derived from the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), he shares how to ethically connect with buyers on an emotional level and build trusted relationships that lead to increased sales that benefit both, the seller and the customer. His trainings specialize in NLP in sales, communication, presentation and public speaking

Christian is the author of the #1 bestseller 10 WAYS TO REBOOT YOUR MIND FOR SUCCESS.

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